Donate Supplies

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The Wildlife Center of Texas, Inc. is a 501-(c) (3) non-profit organization that serves the Houston/Galveston and surrounding areas without city, state or federal funding.  To continue their work, they need support!  Below is a list of items area wildlife rehabilitators use in the care of injured and orphaned Texas native wildlife.

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Specialty seeds (sunflower, chick starter, special mixes)

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Pecans/walnuts (Feb-Apr & Aug-Oct)

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Science Diet AD canned food

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Heat lamps and bulbs

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Paper towels

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New heating pads (no auto shut off)

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33 gallon outdoor trash bags

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Latex gloves (medium & large)

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Batteries (all sizes)

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Gas cards

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Grocery Cards (HEB, Kroger, Wal-mart)

Pet Supply Cards (Petco, Petsmart)

Sponsor an intern

Sponsor an Educational program for a school



We welcome your donated newspapers. If possible, please sort out the shiny or slick pages because they don’t absorb well and some inks can be harmful. This step will save our volunteers precious time.

Please store your newspapers FLAT, it is very hard to get a newspaper that has been rolled for any length of time to lay flat in the kennel. Folded in half and stored in a box or paper bag works great.