The Wildlife Center of Texas does not receive any federal, state or local government support. All of our operating funds come from concerned individuals and corporations.

Wildlife that comes into the center must be treated for the appropriate parasites, diseases and some require vaccination. Injuries and infections must be treated. Orphaned mammals and some birds require species specific formulas for six to twelve weeks. The raptors need frozen mice and rats; the fish eating water birds need frozen smelt and squid; the insectivore birds need frozen crickets and meal worms; the seed eating birds require species specific mixes; the squirrels need rodent block, fruit, nuts and vegetables and the omnivores such as the opossums and raccoons need dog and cat food, fruit, vegetables, boiled eggs, etc.

As you can see, caring for ill, orphaned and injured wildlife is expensive. Your support is critical to our success.

To donate by mail, please send check to…

Wildlife Center of Texas
7007 Katy Road
Houston, TX 77024

Online Payment System

Online Payment System
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