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Animal-Proofing Your Home

The Wildlife Center of Texas would like to remind everyone that this is the optimal time of year to wildlife-proof your house. Over 85% of baby raccoons we received last year were made orphans unnecessarily. Following these simple guidelines from WCT and 911Wildlife can save you time, money, and keep wildlife families together.



1. Don’t […]

The WCT Newsletter

The latest edition of The Wildlife Center of Texas Newsletter is out! Click the link below to view the newsletter:

Wildlife Center of Texas Newsletter (Fall 2013)

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Holiday Shopping on Amazon Supports the WCT!

As the holiday season approaches and the early birds get started on their gift shopping, stores and Internet shopping sites will be busy places. But did you know that your holiday shopping could benefit the animals here at the Wildlife Center of Texas? Amazon.com and many other stores in the iGive network donate a […]

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Link your Kroger Plus Card to Help The Wildlife Center of Texas

Did you know you can support The Wildlife Center of Texas just by shopping at Kroger? It’s easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card below. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll earn rewards for The Wildlife Center of Texas every time you shop and use your […]

Doves of Houston

Hundreds of injured, ill and orphaned doves are brought to the Wildlife Center of Texas for care each year.  The common doves found in the Houston area consist of three native (Mourning, sale White-winged and Inca) and two non-native doves (Eurasian collared dove and ringed turtle-dove).   It has been interesting […]

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Bobcat Receives Dental Surgery

The adult male bobcat that was rescued from the Friendswood area back on December 12, recipe 2012 was transported to the Houston Zoo to undergo a root canal on February 20, drugs 2013 (click here to see a video of his prior treatment). Several of his teeth were in poor condition and […]

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Wildlife Rescue



The Wildlife Center of Texas was called out to help rescue a great egret in Dickinson, Texas.







A person reported that a great egret was caught in a tree hanging over a bayou.  The WCT rehabilitator enlisted the help of her husband and another volunteer and in the cold rain canoed across […]

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Nocturnal Wildlife

The Wildlife Center of Texas has been getting many calls and emails from concerned homeowners that are finding a higher than usual number of nocturnal wildlife out during the day.  The majority are displaced from their dens during the heavy rains.  Urban wildlife tends to use our drain systems for dens and when they […]

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Bobcat Calls WCT Home


The Wildlife Center of Texas and the Houston SPCA have been working together to help an adult bobcat have a second chance at life.






Click here and make a donation to help us continue these life saving efforts

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Helping Us Help Them

A family was spending the weekend in Galveston when they discovered an injured brown pelican.  They called to report the pelican but were not able to catch it.  Diane, rx a Wildlife Center of Texas volunteer, medicine was able to rearrange her schedule and rushed to the scene on the far west […]

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