Red-tailed Hawk

Does Bird Feeder = Hawk Feeder?

When it comes to bird feeders it’s always something. If it isn’t the squirrels eating the seed, it is the hawks eating the birds. While we all know that hawks need to eat, we just don’t want them dining at OUR bird feeders. The only way to truly make a feeder hawk proof would be to […]

New Video!

Jaree Hefner with the city of League City produced this wonderful short film of the Red-tail Hawk release!

Click here to enjoy her film.

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Pair of Red-tailed Hawks wow crowd

In honor and memory of Dr. Ned Dudney, two juvenile Red-tailed hawks were released from the The Dr. Ned & Fay Dudney Clear Creek Nature Center in League City, TX Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. His widow, Fay Dudney and daughter Vaness Hamilton were in attendance. A planned third hawk was held back […]

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Public Release of Three Red-tailed Hawks

The release of three Red-Tailed Hawks will be in honor and in memory of Dr. Ned Dudney who for 50 years served as family doctor to many grateful patients, prescription some across 5 generations. He enthusiastically participated with the early development of League City and the greater Bay Area. This leadership and his […]

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A Fall Day at the Wildlife Center

Three animals lay on cold Houston streets on a drizzly gray day in November.  All three needed help as their injuries prevented them from moving.  Luckily all three were found by caring individuals who brought them to an organization that was ready, stuff willing and able to provide treatment.

On November 21, order […]

Red-tailed Hawk Rescue

 The First of the Year
Margaret Pickell

 It won’t make prime time news, hospital but the anticipation of what a rehabilitator’s first arrival of the New Year will be is just as exciting as the first baby born of the New Year. During the winter, stuff several days may pass before our services are needed.  This […]

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