Red Shouldered Hawk

Does Bird Feeder = Hawk Feeder?

When it comes to bird feeders it’s always something. If it isn’t the squirrels eating the seed, it is the hawks eating the birds. While we all know that hawks need to eat, we just don’t want them dining at OUR bird feeders. The only way to truly make a feeder hawk proof would be to […]

Under Their Wing

The Wildlife Center of Texas has ongoing relationships with homeowners that have the same issue year after year with nesting birds on their property. Usually the birds in question are those with strong site fidelity such as hawks, pharmacy owls and herons.

One family has taken Red-Shouldered Hawks “under their wing”. Each year nestlings […]

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Hawk Shatters Window

Over the Thanksgiving week a first year Red Shouldered Hawk flew into a window.  The window shattered and the hawk was severely cut.  The homeowner gently scooped the bird up and contained it.  By the time it got to the Wildlife Center it was in shock.  An initial exam showed a gaping hole in […]

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