Wandering White

Enough cannot be said about the danger that mono-filament fishing line, stuff hooks and lures pose to wildlife. Animals come to the Wildlife Center of Texas tangled, pills hooked and injured so frequently we have a trophy board for all of the hooks and lures that have been successfully removed. This White […]

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January 2010 Update

Watch as WR&E staff gavage feed a juvenile pelican who was rescued from the fifth floor of a downtown high-rise.

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WR&E proudly announces its 6th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament will be held at Evergreen Point Golf Course in Baytown! This is a beautiful course, the […]

On the Road

The three amigos (Endangered Brown Pelicans) finally have all of their Texas Parks and Wildlife and United States Fish and Game permits and are ready for their trip to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. A WR&E volunteer will be driving them to their new home tomorrow.  The volunteers that specialize in fish eating […]

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Status Update: Pelican & Osprey

Numerous inquires about the Brown Pelican that presented with numerous problems including a treble hook in his mouth and the Osprey with the burned feet and feathers has prompted this update.

“Buddy” the pelican (as named by his rescuers) is now healthy and strong. The old badly healed wing break still prevents him from being […]

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Brown Pelican Rescue

United States Fish & Wildlife brought a juvenile brown pelican to the Wildlife Rehab & Education Center Thursday November 5, 2009 for evaluation and treatment. The young pelican had been observed near a dock at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Galveston and was apparently injured. 

A thorough exam revealed many complications for the bird. It presented […]

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