Opossum Rescue

The Wildlife Center of Texas received a call from a concerned citizen about a young opossum who had fallen from a tree and was impaled on branches. 

The Houston SPCA rescue driver arrived on the scene and gently cut the branches away and immediately brought the injured opossum to the Wildlife Center of Texas.  The […]

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Spring Has Sprung

The Wildlife Center has shifted to its Spring/Summer operating hours and is now open Monday through Friday 9:00-6:00 and weekends 9:00-4:00pm.  Sunday was  the first full day of spring and it is quite appropriate that a baby Great Horned owl became the 1000th intake of the year.  Raptor babies, especially Great Horned Owls are usually […]

Embrace the Opossum

Opossum may be aesthetically challenged, store but they are probably the single most important wild animal to your backyard ecology. They have remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaur. Why? Because the physiologic model is perfect for its ecologic niche and it doesn’t need to evolve to something better. So what niche […]

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A Bump in the Night

Would you know what to do if you heard scratching from the wall or  thumps in the ceiling? Your quick reaction could mean the difference between the life or death of an animal(s) and whether there is damage to property from the animal’s activities or from its decomposition.

If you didn’t hear animal activity until […]

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Aren’t White Animals Albino?

The short answer is no. There are three major categories of white animals. The first is genetically white – white tigers receive a recessive white allele from each parent. If two white tigers mate, then all the offspring will be white. A heterozygous normal phenotype mated with a white phenotype would yield half normal […]

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A Fall Day at the Wildlife Center

Three animals lay on cold Houston streets on a drizzly gray day in November.  All three needed help as their injuries prevented them from moving.  Luckily all three were found by caring individuals who brought them to an organization that was ready, stuff willing and able to provide treatment.

On November 21, order […]

Awesome Opossum

By Cyndi Bohannon
Anyone who has moved a wheelbarrow and found a hissing and spitting opossum underneath understands the jolt of adrenaline such an encounter produces. When faced with such an aggressive display, it is hard to remember that the opossum is more frightened that you. Think that opossums are disgustingly ugly? Tempted to chase […]

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