Heroes All!

A little more than half of the year is over.  So we decided to take stock of where we are. As of the end of July, order the number of animals that have been brought to the Wildlife Center is 6715. We knew that it had been a busy baby season, order […]

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Bunnies Hop to the Wildlife Center

Baby bunnies come to the Wildlife Center for many reasons. When the rains are plentiful and the grass is lush, ailment most of the babies are kidnapped from mother rabbits by well meaning homeowners. For more information, diagnosis two articles have already been written on this subject.  http://WildlifeCenterofTexas.org/2011/03/bunnies-bunnies-everywhere/ and  http://WildlifeCenterofTexas.org/2010/06/two-for-tea/ When drought […]

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Otters?  In Houston? Really?

That is the universal reaction we get at the Wildlife Center when visitors to our facility or website discover that we are caring for three juvenile North American River Otters.  The next statement is invariably, sale “Why, I’ve never even seen an otter here!”  They are in good company.  Researchers […]

Long-eared Owl

The Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) (previously known as: Strix otus) is a species of owl which breeds in Europe, click Asia, and North America. Texas lies firmly in its non-breeding or wintering grounds, but sightings are rare. In the twenty plus years that the rehabilitators of the Wildlife Center have been caring for […]

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