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Renesting Baby Birds

When baby birds fall out of their nests, it is impossible for their mothers to pick them up and place them back in the nest. Some mothers will continue to feed their babies on the ground, but these babies will eventually fall prey to predators such as raccoons or stray animals. This is where […]

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Animal-Proofing Your Home

The Wildlife Center of Texas would like to remind everyone that this is the optimal time of year to wildlife-proof your house. Over 85% of baby raccoons we received last year were made orphans unnecessarily. Following these simple guidelines from WCT and 911Wildlife can save you time, money, and keep wildlife families together.



1. Don’t […]

Baby Orphans

The Wildlife Center of Texas is continuing to receive more baby raccoons than usual. These little ones require a great deal of care, viagra expense, online and a long term time commitment.

It has been interesting to look at our statistics and 85% of the baby raccoons we have taken in should not […]

Spring Bird Migration

Many area birders have enjoyed watching this springs migration of birds.  Our region of Texas is on the Central Flyaway migration route and is a popular birding area.   The past few years the weather has been so nice that the spring migrants come over the Gulf of Mexico and then continue inland for many […]