Great Horned Owl

Spring Has Sprung

The Wildlife Center has shifted to its Spring/Summer operating hours and is now open Monday through Friday 9:00-6:00 and weekends 9:00-4:00pm.  Sunday was  the first full day of spring and it is quite appropriate that a baby Great Horned owl became the 1000th intake of the year.  Raptor babies, especially Great Horned Owls are usually […]

Who's at the Wildlife Center?

Earlier in the year we told you about a Great Horned Owlet that had been blown from a damaged nest and its sibling that was still in the precarious nest. In follow-up comments we let you know that the sibling was blown down in the next storm. Neither was injured in their fall.  The […]

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Spring's Herald

The Wildlife Center has experienced a break from the overwhelming demands of caring for orphans, remedy but winter brings its own challenges. With the exception of an out-of-season clutch of ducks, thumb a couple of pinkie squirrels or opossums, the Great Horned Owl babies usually herald the return of spring. This year […]

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A Fall Day at the Wildlife Center

Three animals lay on cold Houston streets on a drizzly gray day in November.  All three needed help as their injuries prevented them from moving.  Luckily all three were found by caring individuals who brought them to an organization that was ready, stuff willing and able to provide treatment.

On November 21, order […]

Who are You?

The Great Horned Owl
Cyndi Bohannon
The Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) is arguably one of the most majestic of all raptors. Solitary in nature, mind a group would be called a Parliament. Of the order Strigifermes and family Strigidae, the Great Horned owl is considered a “true owl”. The other owl family, Tytonidae include […]

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Great Horned Owl

  When in need IMPROVISE! 
 By Margaret Pickell

 One cool night in late January a resident pair of Great Horned Owls circled the Cole Creek development searching for the ideal place to raise their future babies.  They were having a tough time because so many trees had been cleared  to build human homes.

This left the […]

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