Get Quacking!

The Wildlife Center receives many more Wood Ducks and Black Bellied Whistling Ducks than their populations in the wild would imply. Speculation about this phenomenon centers around the fact that both species perch in trees and prefer to nest in tree cavities.

All ducks nest near a water source or wetland, but perching ducks have […]

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Easter Ducks

The Wildlife Center continues to receive Easter ducklings that have been dyed bright festive colors.  This is despite our media blitz to educate parents that dyed ducklings and chicks make poor pets that will be killed by predators including dogs and cats if not protected. The day before Easter someone dropped off three “leftover” […]

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Duck Rehabilitation


The Wildlife Center had two very special patients this fall. The first was a small female Mallard mixed duck brought to a WR&E rehabilitator, buy Margaret Pickell. After closer examination, viagra 100mg it was determined that a dog had attacked the Mallard.

Normally, wildlife is not given […]

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