The Wildlife Center of Texas has been getting many calls and emails from concerned homeowners that are finding a higher than usual number of nocturnal wildlife out during the day.  The majority are displaced from their dens during the heavy rains.  Urban wildlife tends to use our drain systems for dens and when they become flooded the animals look for a dryer spot until the water goes down.

They will return to their former area when things dry up a bit.  It is predicted that we will receive more rain so for the next week you may notice displaced wildlife.  A lady from a company called during the height of one of the storms this week about a very wet raccoon sitting on their porch.  When we explained what was going on they felt sorry for the little guy and even threw a towel out on the porch for it to sit on or wrap up in while it was waiting out the storm.  During the stormy weather some nocturnal wildlife are not able to hunt so if they have gone several nights without eating they may forage during the day.

If you do find wildlife that has been injured, ill or orphaned you can take it to the Wildlife Center of Texas, if you are not sure about the situation please call the center at {713} 861-9453 for more information.

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Please consider making a donation to the Wildlife Center of Texas by clicking here. Thank you!