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The Wildlife Center of Texas is Houston’s only wildlife hospital that accepts ALL native injured, orphaned, ill, and oiled wildlife. We are one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the country, admitting over 10,000 patients every year. Our mission is to care for all injured, orphaned, ill, and oiled wildlife through wildlife rehabilitation, public education, and oiled wildlife response.

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Found an animal?

Injured wildlife may be brought to our center during operating hours, unless it is a bat, fox, skunk, coyote, or raccoon (call us first for these species). Many young animals are accidentally stolen from their parents by well-meaning people.

  • Observe: Look for injuries, parents, and siblings.
  • Replace: If the baby is not injured and the parents are still around, just re-nest it.
  • Collect: Place it in a box with soft rags and keep it warm until you can get to the center. DO NOT give the baby any food or liquids!
  • Call us at (713) 861-WILD.

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